Meet the cool, smart and sassy Kinetic Gal…

Singapore’s only female entertainer who is an Expert Juggler & Magician!

Always smartly decked out, Kinetic Gal brings an ultra cool show to any party with her flashy juggling tricks, stunts and act! Colourful balls, rings, silks and clubs are all part of this visual show.

Kinetic Gal is a favourite among events and parties for birthday girls and kids who love the visual coolness of a juggler who can also wow them with magic! Her show is perfect for audiences aged 1 – 101!

Her unique career and talents were profiled in a half-page interview in The Business Times, Singapore on 11 Feb 2008.


Kinetic Gal presents a brand new show that combines her multi-talents in magic, juggling & illusion to create an innovative stage show designed exclusively for kids and family audiences!

Audiences young and old will be thrilled and entertained with this colourful show that is original, fresh and current!

Check out some of the highlights in her standard show below:


One element that separates Kinetic Gal from any other performer is that she is an expert juggler… However, she is also an accomplished magician. 

Her spectacularly visual acts combine the best of both worlds as Kinetic Gal juggles and does magic with vibrantly coloured balls, rings, clubs, rope and silks!



Kinetic Gal combines the Yo Yo with a classic illusion! The difference is that she does the Yo Yo while dividing her body vertically in half!


The Runaway Rabbit

An interactive funny magic act that will have the kids screaming and rolling on the floor with laughter! Kinetic Gal makes a rabbit disappear from a little house, only to have it magically reappear in a surprising location. 



Kinetic Gal makes a child the magic star of the show in this act!

This is an interactive amazing magic act that will have the kids screaming in amazement and going “WOW” over the colourful magical finale. 


Blindfold Juggling 

Juggling is hard but juggling while blindfolded is almost impossible! Kinetic Gal performs an incredible demonstration of 3-club juggling with a blindfold hood over her head! You have to see it to believe it!


Kinetic Gal's unique Juggling Illusion Show is available for:

  • Festivals
  • Community Events
  • Family Days
  • Shopping Malls
  • Attractions

A smaller show package is available for kids parties & smaller scale events

As dates/ time slots are limited, please contact Kinetic Gal at or call: (65) 9625 0380 to book her for a show.